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Startup and the cost to start a business

Our vision is to create a streamlined and leaner company that help you save time and money while delivering effective reports that will help you make better decisions for your small business. We offer Quickbooks Online, Xero or Sage bookkeeping services, Corporate tax returns, individual tax returns some of the benefits that you can have by hiring us are; â€‹Having a reliable bookkeeper/accountant to maintain updated records for your startup ,A free no-obligation discussion about your business requirements, Fixed accounting fees agreed in advance and not dependent on income level, Personal account management, if thinking to start a business same day company formation, normally within 2 weeks, questions answered and resolved as needed, Updated financial statements every month or as needed, corporate tax return planning & Filing, Company due diligence and proper bookkeeping, Accounts reconciliation, A friendly and trustworthy account manager. Start business when you have the right accountant for your industry. 

SYNQMINE Postmodern CFO Point of View:

Traditional CFOs focused on mastering finance and accounting. Responsibilities included accounting, audit, analysis, budgeting, controlling, planning and taxation.   As those roles became commoditized and in some cases sent to business process outsourcing providers, We at SYNQMINE are becaming experts in specialties such as corporate strategy, enterprise risk management,forecasting, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions analysis, performance management and technology. We are offten looked as the adult in the room. Our end goal as CFOs became focused more on the operational efficiency and regulatory compliance areas of the organization in modern Business models. As we move into modern economic times we must focus on areas such as revenue growth, strategic differentiation, and branding given areas that can and will make a difference in any business model.


Quickbooks Online: